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 If you enjoy your time at Balanced Bodywork and Skin Therapy feel free to shout it from the rooftops. If not, for any reason, please let us know so we can resolve the conflict and make your next visit more enjoyable.


This was probably my best massage to date. Pressure was perfect and I really enjoyed the time spent on the neck area and the pulling of the arms, bending of the neck and feet was wonderful. I am totally relaxed!  - Linda B.

Allison was great! Pressure was just right and she seemed to intuitively zone in on the spots that needed extra attention. - Amber K.

Loved Allison's massage! She found the sore areas and helped me get loose and relaxed. - Stacey P.

Allison was very attentive to my request to concentrate on lower back. She also recognized neck stiffness early on and worked it out. Asked for and received firm pressure. It was a pleasure being her client today.  - William V.

Superlative! Allison was kind, thorough, thoughtful and was just the BEST! A Great Massage! A Great Experience! - Mary D.

Allison was incredibly knowledgeable and nice. She really helped me with my problem areas! I really enjoyed my massage and I'll be back because of her! - Larissa C.

I enjoyed the massage very much. Full body with emphasis on back - worked out well. Good pressure, yet very relaxing. I would come to see Allison again. Thank you! - Mary Ellen W.

Allison has very strong hands. She found my troubled areas and effectively demonized my knots. OMGoodness! Thank you so much! - Lorilee Y.

Allison was very nice, pleasant with great energy. Enjoyed it very much! -Audrey C.

The massage was fantastic! I had a great experience. - Carson S.

Allison was very professional and really targeted my problem areas. Enjoyed it! - James B.

Allison was excellent! Massaged at perfect pressure level and paid extra attention to the areas I requested! I will come back again! - Pat C.

Excellent pressure! Best I've had by far. Thank you! - Nick W.

Awesome! Powerful hands, strokes smooth. Warmth of hands gives the body a sense of healing. - Hattie M.

Loved it. A great massage. Very professional and hit all the points. - Melissa K.

Amazing attention to detail. Best deep relaxing massage EVER!  - John H.

Allison helped relieve tightness in my shoulders and brought much needed relief from  anxiety. Thank you! - Glenn D.

Great job focusing on areas needing treatment. Range of motion in neck much approved. - Dona K.

Thank you, Allison. Incredible 2 hour massage! I needed a little work on my lower back and Allison's forearm and elbow pressure was PERFECT. I liked the lengthening modalities on my arms. Thank you! The foot massage was great, very relaxing. - Pat P.

Thank you Allison. That was perfect. Very relaxing and professional. - Wendy W.

Fantastic session with Allison! Allison worked on my hands to relieve the soreness, pain. A true professional! An attention to detail a plus with Allison! I would love another appointment with her. Thank you! - Kenneth M.

 Allison was outstanding! Fabulous experience! - Dana D.

Awesome massage! Allison is great at working out those knots. - Kim O.

Very well done. Excellent pressure and very smooth flow. And attitude is everything! - Ben C.

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