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Face Reality Acne Program

Our program is designed to treat all types of acne grades 1- 4 (mild to severe non-inflamed, inflamed, cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne and back acne) without the use of prescription drugs.  We use Face Reality Skincare which is a tried and true system of the best anti-acne products and treatments. We customize an effective clear-skin plan just for you.


There are many factors contributing to acne. Many of our clients are told by their doctor that their acne is hormonal, and that there was nothing they could do. They are often prescribed strong medications with severe side effects. 


Our clinical acne treatments bring you closer to clear skin, as soon as possible, without the dangerous side effects. These treatments gently send the effective ingredients inside the pore to kill bacteria and exfoliate where it’s needed most, helping to lighten dark spots along the way.  Your recommended home care products will work more efficiently if you’re also getting clinical acne treatments and vice versa.  


Skin care products are a very important treatment component. But they MUST be the right products and be used the right way. We manage your regimen so you have the most effective home treatment, while avoiding redness and/or over-drying. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Your home care is the workhorse of your program and will require some modifications and monitoring. 


We offer a comprehensive, safe and effective acne and problematic skin program designed to treat acne without the use of prescription drugs. Our treatment plan is highly successful with a clearing rate of 95%. On average, clients devoted to the acne program have their acne under control, and are significantly to completely clear within 12 to 16 weeks. At times, results are achieved as soon as eight to ten weeks with noticeable improvement after two to three treatments.


How the Acne Program Works: 

Our Acne Treatment Program uses a comprehensive approach to treat acne. We combine the power of acne treatments with professional acne care products, and the guidance and expertise of a certified acne skincare specialist. All treatment and product selection are determined on an individual basis. What works for one person may not work for another. For this reason, we keep an eye on how your skin responds – making modifications to your treatment plan as needed.  This initially requires an office visit every two weeks for several months. Once your acne is under control, you will need to maintain your daily skincare regimen. To keep your skin healthy, follow up appointments are recommended for a monthly deep cleanse facial with professional products.


Is This Program For You? 

Have you used prescription drugs that don’t work? Tried Proactiv or other over-the-counter acne products and are still breaking out? Considered going on Accutane, but think it’s too risky? Do you want clear skin? 

The acne treatment program requires patience, commitment and compliance. For best results, we see clients for a treatment every 2 weeks, until your acne is under control. In addition, your home care protocol will consist of several steps both morning and night. Most people who start the acne program are eager to follow the skincare regimen guidelines to achieve the fastest results.


  • If you decide the acne program is right for you, recommended homecare products are required for effective results (an average purchase of $150-200 is typical which will last 2-4 months when used as directed).

  • Expect customized treatments every two weeks until you’re clear. Average clearing time is 90 - 120 days. Plan on six to eight treatments over a 3-4 month period.


Find out your skin type, the current condition it is in and what kind of acne you have. I will explain how the treatments work and how to properly use the acne products to ensure your success to keeping your acne under control.  We will also discuss lifestyle choices that effect your skin such as diet, stress, sleep, etc… You will also take home a folder of information of everything that is discussed during the consultation.  If needed, we will discuss products and medications you have used in the past and why they have failed.


All acne treatments have a specific focus on what your skin needs at the time of your visit.


Treatments include:

• Exfoliation – removes dead skin build-up which allows better product penetration

• Extractions – removes as much of the acne impactions that are ready which will help in healing

• Treatment to fight the bacteria inside the pores

• Hydration – acne products tend to dry out your skin so proper hydration is necessary


It typically takes about six treatments (seeing me every two weeks) over a three-month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear; significant results will be seen within six weeks. After your acne is under control, you have to maintain your home-care regimen to keep your acne managed. Many clients come in for a tune up acne treatment every few months just to keep their skin as healthy as possible.


This treatment will include everything included in the Acne Treatment plus a 20 minute LED therapy session.



Expect to pay approximately $130.00 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. This will typically cover the first three months of product use.

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